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Day 29: AC is for Air Conditioning

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Hi all, Nisha writing for the last time this May! We had decided to take the day off…so naturally we had planned several hours of meetings in the evening. We were able to sleep in an, started the day off right with eggs and toast. To continue our leisurely morning, we decided to go to the InOrbit mall to do some shopping. As were about to leave the guesthouse, I got a call from Rajeshbhai who invited us to lunch. We met with him and were treated to a decadent traditional Gujarati meal!

After lunch, we went to Fab India to complete our shopping trip and headed back to the guesthouse. We spent the next hour relaxing, drinking chai, and getting ready for the evening’s meetings.

Upon arriving to the office, we were able to take a much-anticipated tour of Lavacast and learn about the structure of their production line! We headed to Barola next for our community meeting. The panchayat member, Tinabhai, had assembled some community members to learn more about BLUElab and the Setco Foundation. We were grateful for the cloud cover, which allowed us to survive the heat without the need of AC. Rajeshbhai and Salmaben gave an introduction, detailing what work the Setco Foundation did and explaining their relationship to our team. Kabir conducted the presentation, with Salmaben translating the information in Gujarati. We were excited to see so many community members that we hadn’t yet met and some familiar faces. To celebrate the completion of our work, Rajeshbhai treated us to dinner with the Shreya group, as it was also their last day in town.

When we arrived at the guesthouse, we decided to save the rest of our work for tomorrow morning, trying to take advantage of the few remaining hours in our day off.

I truly cannot believe that the month is already over. I have had the privilege to meet so many incredible people that have opened their homes to welcome us. I truly hope to visit again to continue our work!

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