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Day 7: Paani (Water)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Hello everyone, Keny here again! We started out the morning with Harishbhai’s lovely breakfast. After breakfast, we were on our way to the office for an exciting day: Urja was going to be in town!

Upon arrival at the office, we prepared a Mid Trip Update presentation to share with Urja. At around 11:30 AM, we met with her and a few Setco team members to discuss the team’s progress thus far. We were fortunate to receive positive feedback from Urja and the team. With that said,overall we had a very productive meeting.

After the meeting, we had lunch planned with Urja, Rajeshbhai, and Gayatriben at the Setco canteen. Rajeshbhai was very kind enough to share his own mango rus, a cold dish made from mango pulp. Even though I served myself a second time, Rajeshbhai continued to insist that I take more even though my stomach could not handle it.

After a very fulfilling lunch, the team was very excited to go to Nishal Faliya in Barola to document the path that the women take to obtain their drinking water. By taking the actual path that the women take, we were able to document the terrain, any obstacles, and the water source.

To cool down, we headed back to the office and transcribed our notes from the meeting with Urja. Before wrapping up the day at the office, Urja warmly invited us to have dinner at her place. To say the least, we had an amazing dinner and an insightful conversation about cryptocurrencies with Urja’s husband. After dinner, we headed back to the guest house and immediately passed out after.

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