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Day 8: Kuvo (Well)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

A-suhhh everyone, Div here, reporting on what happened December 30, 2017!

So I think I’ve gotten used to showering with approximately 3 minutes of hot water, and then 8 minutes of lukewarm-cold water – just as this trip winds down. I am thriving. Breakfast was amazing – as usual, and the car ride was long – as usual.

After finishing up some office work, we headed out to Medapur and Jetpur, two communities that we have expanded our stove design into.

There, I got the opportunity to talk with some of the stove builders in the community, and ask them questions about our stove design. It was amazing seeing these women feel so passionate about the work they are doing, and they had a lot of input and ideas for the expansion of our project.

Having spent a couple hours in the field, we went back to the office for lunch. Man, I could get used to eating Indian food, there’s nothing quite like it. After an enormous lunch, we sat down with the entire R&D team and their new head to explain what exactly BLUElab India Project is. It was an extremely productive conversation, as we received a lot of input on how to improve our current stove design to increase its lifespan.

Then, we headed out to Barola for another interview to identify a new technology partner family. Keny had a fantastic conversation with the women of the house, and obtained a lot of important information. We were also able to walk to a few different wells that the community members obtain water from.

An exhausting day indeed. We got back home and ate some delicious pav bhajji courtesy of Harishbhai. Then we had a call with the team back in the good ole’ U S of A. It was exciting to update them on all the progress we were able to make during the trip. I wanted to sleep, but Keny and Kabir decided to watch some food documentary about meat. Not applicable to me because I’m vegetarian anyways.

Happy almost New Year’s Eve – be sure to make resolutions that you break two weeks into the new year! Catch you in a while, alligator.

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