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Day 6: Vaat (Talk)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Hi-lo world it’s Kabir back at it reporting what happened the 28thof December. The day started off with the coveted cup of chai and some stellar Maggi noodles that we completely demolished. As soon as we arrived at the office, we sat down with Vidhi and Parth (individuals from Setco R&D that we work with) and updated them on the conversations we had in Mota Faliya. We briefly went over how to expand to 1000 stoves and incorporate design changes the user requires to divert smoke outside of their kitchen.

We quickly grabbed lunch after the conversation and headed off to Barola for three scheduled interviews in Nishal faliya. While Keny and Devna (a new face on the Setco team who studied communication) interviewed the women on shaded porches, Rajeshbhai, Div, and I interviewed the men inquiring about daily water consumption outside. To Rajeshbhai, the weather was “cold,” thus he was wearing a vest and long sleeve shirt in 87 degree weather. Meanwhile Div and I were sweating profusely clinging onto our water bottles as if our lives depended on it.

After 3 hours in the blistering heat we conducted all of the interviews and headed back to the office for some much needed AC. While there, we planned on treating ourselves out for dinner to Barbeque Nation, a destination Keny only dreamed of going to. Our team has been fortunate enough to be taken out to dinner by the foundation team to the restaurant in the past and it is quite the experience. For one flat fee you get unlimited skewered appetizers that would make any kebab shop envious. After eating far too much food, we head back to the guesthouse to continue work and go over our schedule for the next day. Till next time.

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