BLUELabMetro (BLUEM) is a multidisciplinary design student organization dedicated to serving our local community of southeastern Michigan under the tenets of sustainability and socially-engaged design.


As an affiliate of the University of Michigan and peers of the other BLUELab project teams, we are made up of dedicated problem-solvers working for the betterment of communities around the globe.


BLUEM focuses first on co-design through cooperation with our community partners in all projects. To do this, we follow the fundamentals of socially-engaged design: an iterative process where community members are at the center of the decision-making, problem identification, and development of solutions. To maximize the effectiveness and impact of our work, we incorporate the environmental, human, social, and economic aspects of sustainability. Using these techniques lead to designs with greater contextual awareness and a greater chance of long-term success. 


Since beginning to work regionally, we have collaborated with local community organizations in the greater Detroit area. Our partnerships include working with MSSI (Mobile Support Services Initiative) to repurpose retired Ann Arbor transit buses to facilitate multipurpose resource distribution, from mobile health clinics to food supply. Additionally, we are in the beginning phases of planning with MECCA Development Corporation to create a local resource hub in Detroit that will provide support for surrounding neighborhoods.


In addition to working with our partners, this year we are planning on following the University's Carbon Neutrality Report to take up a recommended project and pioneer a way for student orgs to have a measurable impact on the University's climate goals.