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Reflecting on the Semester: Stormwater

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This semester, the Stormwater team decided to pursue a project related to stormwater and runoff issues in the Ann Arbor area and on campus. After reaching out to officials within Washtenaw county, we came into contact with Catie Wytychak, the Water Quality Specialist responsible for stormwater infrastructure in the county. She assigned us to a site in a residential area that was struggling with flooding issues, with the goal of designing and eventually building a rain garden. In early February, we went in person to survey the site allotted for the rain garden on Eddy Street in Ann Arbor. The site was located at the end of a street in a neighborhood near the highway, and was prone to flooding due to surface runoff from the highway, flooding the street and the driveways of the houses at the end of the street. The site was 700 square feet in area, and we researched native Michigan plants that can withstand wet conditions and designed three potential layouts for the rain garden. We organized the plants in an aesthetically pleasing way, and also considered logistics of how much water each plant needs. We submitted a drawing depicting the placement of each type of flower to fit the shape of the site. Next fall, we will be helping with installing the rain garden.

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