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Ginsberg Center Matchmaking Process

The fall semester of 2020 was a pivotal time for our team. In late August, we began researching organizations that match our mission and could be potential local partners. In October, we heard about the Ginsberg Center's Matchmaking Process that connects community-identified needs and priorities to knowledge, skills, and expertise at the University of Michigan. The matchmaking process seemed like a great way to take advantage of the University's connections and expedite our search. Our senior co-leads, Gaby and Asa, completed the matchmaking form that asked for our team's mission statement, learning goals, population focus, engagement length, and preferred geographic area. The Ginsberg Center took some time to respond with a match, but we were very excited to be introduced to MECCA DC that works in neighborhoods on the east side of Detroit, providing various support and resources. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with MECCA DC and doing meaningful work towards creating a Resilience Hub in the MECCA neighborhood.

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